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Keaco manufactures a line of small KEAPAK™ portion cups with flat rims that are used to package sauces, gels, pastes, granules or liquids. These portion cups can be used for single serve and portion control packaging applications in a wide array of industries including food, restaurant, pharmaceutical, medical, personal care items and industrial products. KEAPAK™ portion cups are designed for use on all automated rotary and in-line cup fill / seal packaging machinery. The flat rim is designed for heat sealing peelable or non-peelable die-cut or daisy chain lidding depending on the application. Keaco can supply just the KEAPAK™ portion cups and lidding or we can contract package your product. Since we do all of the thermoforming we can even custom design portion cups for new products and / or unique applications.

Why choose KEAPAK™ portion cups?

  • Standard sizes with 51mm, 60mm and 75mm flat rim diameters
  • Filling capacities from .375 to 2.5 ounces
  • Standard KEAPAK™ portion cups manufactured from high impact polystyrene
  • Special oxygen barrier materials are available dependent upon application
  • We can provide custom printed die-cut or daisy chain lidding
  • Keaco offers our Automated Packaging Solution (APS) analysis
  • Keaco has a State of Texas food manufacturing / packaging license
  • We can automatically fill and seal KEAPAK™ portion cups
  • We can customize your automated portion cup packaging
  • We have a production capacity of over 100,000,000 units and growing
  • KEAPAK™ portion cups are ideal for the automated packaging of sauces, salad dressings, hot sauces, condiments, dips, seasoning mixes, dry foods, gels, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care items, industrial products and many other liquid and semi-viscous products
  • We thermoform our KEAPAK™ portion cups in a unique method that produces ultra low trim waste when compared to traditional thermoforming

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