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Keaco is an authorized sales agent for Shinon Corporation's JEDEC outline IC trays and associated products. Shinon specializes in the manufacture of integrated circuit (IC) trays which are used for such purposes as conveying and cleaning ICs, in order to protect them from static electricity. IC trays are used for automated handling, protection, shipment and storage of sensitive electronic devices. Shinon is a leading global manufacturer of IC trays with seven manufacturing locations for the ultimate in customer support and service. The "Shinon Mission" is to solve our customers' challenges through technology. These IC trays can be used in conjunction with Keaco ARIDPAK™ moisture barrier bags, ARIDPAK™ desiccants, cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator cards and conductive rubber bands.

Why choose Shinon IC Trays?

  • More than 500 kinds of open tool IC trays available
  • Quick tool and semi-quick tools available to minimize initial costs
  • Mock up prototype trays available to check handler design and function
  • IC cleaning trays are perfect for cleaning diced IC substrates for BGAs
  • Bakeable conductive tray strapping bands available
  • Removable clips for JEDEC IC tray that are used for defect tagging, internal process tagging, shipping and are heat resistant to 150° C
  • Shinon's design division utilizes 3D CAD for heat, vibration and other simulation analysis
  • High quality products at competitive prices
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