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Carrier Tapes

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Keaco Carrier Tapes offer full-range, optimum protection during storage and transit for individual items requiring automated handling. Using only the highest grade of conductive/non-conductive polystyrene and polycarbonate plastics, our unique pocket designs allow for maximum stability and consistency for loading and unloading parts.
IC Trays

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Keaco is an authorized sales agent for Shinon Corporation's JEDEC matrix IC Trays that are used for the automatic handling and protection of electronic components. Shinon is a world leader in IC Tray manufacturing and Keaco can offer a wide range of trays suited to each IC package. Quick and Semi Quick tools are also available with lower initial investment and shorter lead times when lower volumes of trays are needed.
Humidity Indicator Cards

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Keaco offers Cobalt Dichloride Free Humidity Indicator Cards. These REACH compliant Humidity Indicator Cards are a safe cost effective way to monitor the relative humidity level in sealed containers. The moisture sensitive chemical is printed such that each indicator spot will change color to indicate the current relative humidity level at a glance.
Taping / Packaging Services


Keaco offers contract taping and packaging services for a wide range of products and industries. We can contract package electronic devices into our carrier tapes and then dry pack them utilizing our complete line of products. Keaco can also contract package your food products into our line of KEAPAK™ portion cups. Since Keaco manufactures the packaging supplies, we can respond more quickly and competitively versus the competition.
Cover Tapes

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Keaco KEAPAK™ Cover Tapes are engineered and produced to adhere reliably to Keaco carrier tapes as well as competing brands. Both our Pressure Sensitive (PSA) and Heat Activated (HAA) tapes offer excellent clarity and ultra-smooth peel back.
Moisture Barrier Bags

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Keaco ARIDPAKTM Moisture Barrier Bags are used for any packaging application requiring moisture, corrosion, static or dust protection. The flexible yet durable structure is easy to vacuum seal and offers superior puncture resistance. Bags are available in standard and custom sizes.
Vacuum Sealers

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Keaco offers AmeriVacs® Impulse and Vacuum Sealers which lead the industry in seal quality, speed, safety and ease of use. From sensitive electronics to sterile medical devices, food to biotech applications, and aerospace technology to scientific devices an AmeriVacs® sealer is the ideal center piece of any high volume packaging program.
Roll Stock


Keaco KEASTAT™ Conductive Roll Stock is available in three thicknesses and two constructions. Ideal for a wide range of thermoforming applications including carrier tapes and trays. Keaco KEASTAT™ Clear Antistatic Polystyrene roll stock features good impact and tensile strength and is lower in cost versus clear polycarbonate materials.
SMD Reels

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Keaco SMD Reels provide exceptional protection for carrier tapes loaded with components. Our CCD/KEACO™ one piece 7" and 13" SMD Reels are easy to use right out of the box. Our KEAPAK™ 13" SMD reels feature our innovative space saving design that is easy to assemble yet completely secure.


Keaco ARIDPAKTM Desiccants are designed to provide moisture sensitive devices maximum protection by absorbing the moisture inside sealed containers. Often used during the dry-packing process along with Keaco’s ARIDPAKTM Moisture Barrier Bags and ARIDPAKTM Humidity Indicator Cards.
Taping Systems


Keaco offers Q-Corporation™ tape and reel and custom automation equipment. With dedication to manufacturing excellence, this is the longest lasting, lowest maintenance equipment available. From manual to fully automatic, we can assist in providing a turnkey solution for standard or custom automation requirements.
Sequencing Tapes

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Keaco offers IPG® Sequencing Tapes for bandoliering electronic components. These pressure sensitive, paper tapes feature good tear resistance, high tensile strength, high temperature and stain resistance and conform-ability to irregular surfaces.
ESD Rubber Bands


Keaco offers ESD Rubber Bands for use in the electronics industry or wherever protection from static electricity is desired. Our ESD Rubber Bands can be used to band together electronic assemblies or stacks of IC Trays. We offer both antistatic and conductive versions based on your needs and requirements.
Portion Cups

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Keaco manufactures a line of small KEAPAK™ Portion Cups with flat rims that are used to automatically package sauces, gels, pastes, granules or liquids. KEAPAK™ Portion Cups are designed to be used on all automated cup filling and sealing machinery. Keaco can offer to supply just the portion cups and peelable lid stock or we can contract package your product in house.



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